Elena was born in Leningrad, USSR (currently Saint Petersburg, Russia) and graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a Masters Degree in journalism in 2006. However, telling truth to power in Russia has the same career prospects as a Chernobyl engineer. She now lives in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, following her dreams and enjoying life with her two sons. She graduated from UCLA’s department of Visual Arts with a certificate in Photography in 2014. “I dream in Russian, feel in French, and speak in fluent English,” Elena says.

Telling stories through beautiful images is Elena’s passion. 

Her photography is inspired by all the art, music and culture that she has experienced. She loves storytellers like Jean Luc Godard and Wes Anderson, feels happiness and satisfaction finding harmony and style wherever she goes; museums to see Rembrandt and Picasso, photo galleries to be inspired by Henry Cartier Bresson, Garry Winogrand, Paolo Roversi, and photographer duo Inez and Vinoodh, theater to see a beautiful ballet and even concerts to listen to jazz or Mahler. In her photographs you always feel a story was behind it. She admires mood, mystery, gestures, eyes, shadows, eye-catching lighting and beautiful wardrobe. All these elements help to tell a story in all her work. 

Elena loves to collaborate with talented creative people and work in a team with stylists, make up artists, models, dancers, and filmmakers.

Her work includes personal projects like black and white serial portraits “Mother and Daughter”, behind the scenes for “ThinkAli” production, street photography and some editorials, some of which were featured on Vogue Italia’s website. Her editorial photo, “Waiting”, has been chosen as a best shot and published in the photography magazine “Popular Photography” ( December, 2014) and in a book called "The Complete Portrait Manual" in January 2016. Also two of her photos were nominated in "Fashion" and one in the "People" category for the 10th Annual Black and White Spider Awards contest (2015) out of "7,686 entries received from 74 countries." The Nominees Issue will be released in January 2016.